• elaiel

Going Home - SGU Fanfic (me) & Art (tarlan)

Title: Going Home
Author: Elaiel
Artist: tarlanx
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 16787 words
Warnings: Explicit sex, unconventional relationships, prior major character death, small children.
Characters: Everett Young,Chloe Armstrong, Nicholas Rush, Rodney McKay
Author's Notes: Written for the sgu_challenge
Big Bang 2012.

cover image for Going Home by Tarlan

Just over a year after the Destiny crew are returned to Earth, over fifteen years after they left, Everett Young is asked to find Nicholas Rush for a very sensitive project, Chloe Armstrong is probably the only person who may know where he is. It's been a difficult year, but hopefully Young can bring him home.

Story is here on AO3, or DW

Tarlan's totally beautiful artwork to go with it can all be seen here.